Brent, the concept has changed.

While everything is developing in a bullish scenario, the proposed almost a month ago
Last week, greed let me down, after the breakdown of the downward correction channel up, I hoped, that the price will roll back to the upper border of this channel, and from there it is already necessary to continue further. “It just turned out differently, it turned out not at all” (with) As a result, shorts, which I recruited from 48,5 in the red, feet, nearly shot down. The close of the week is very strong. A semblance of a candlestick pattern has formed over the weeks “three advancing soldiers” (I 'm afraid, Gusev would criticize me for ignorance, anyway, main, this pattern продолжения). Think, next week or three, a correctional movement will take place, в теле последней недельной candles, and then, further development up, about the height of the pattern. This, approximately coincides, touching the lower border of the old ascending channel. Hope, after all, close shorts to breakeven, well if not, so no.

To all bears, greetings.

  I went to the Terminator ...
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