no longer Astrum

Two great years as an Astrum employee are over for me. Completed in general, already a few months ago, but I can tell you just now..

First, about that, what happened. I would like to say a big human thanks to Alexey Blinov – the person who in fact came up with a position in the company for me. Even though we didn't work together for long, but it was a very interesting experience. Also, I would like to say no less big and human thanks to Ruslan Magomedov and Alexey Koval. Making smart friends is happiness..

Now about the present / future. In Kinto I will develop a project "KINTO-Treasury", a plus, I think, that I can contribute to the balance of strategy / tactics in the work of the investment committee. Also, usually after 17 hours I continue to dwell in the studio of the Voice of the Capital 106 fm. All sorts of interesting things from there in the decryption can be read periodically here, less often here.

Anticipating obvious questions and answers, colleagues decided to ask and write down the answers themselves.
As a matter of fact, interview with me about Astrum, Kinto, markets, index committee, Books и теории заговора.


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