Blockchain solutions: future and risks. Online conference

Блокчейн-решения: будущее и риски. Онлайн-конференция

Blockchain solutions: future and risks. Online conference

$1,76 Trillion should bring the world economy the introduction of blockchain technologies - say PwC analysts. How real is it?

We will discuss the future of blockchain at an online conference with international experts 25 November in 11:00.

You will learn, how blockchain is used in different areas and is it possible for investors to make money on it.

The conference will feature:

∙ Michele Nati, head of department, IOTA
∙ Lukas Dzidzis, CTO, Gentrack
∙ Alexey Chernetsov, director of the project office MVNO, Rostelecom
∙ Igor Manzhulin, fund manager on the blockchain BCS Digital Galaxy
∙ Natalia Smirnova, independent financial advisor

Moderator of the meeting - Edward Golosov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of BCS Investment World.

You can register using the link:

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