Swing positions

My Swing Positions in the US Stock Market – NYSE

91% on swings !

Allocated a small amount for swing trading in the US stock market in August, I made a separate account for myself and connected the GT WebTrader web terminal I traded very carefully and with minimal risks, Of course, I made a lot of mistakes in that regard, that he did not implement several good ideas when closing positions as a day trader. On 24 September it turned out to be done 91% to the deposit with 10 overnight leverage or 9.1% without shoulder. In fact, he took the maximum 1 to 4 leverage for transferring positions and then once. Didn't trade penny stocks, but there were a lot of ETFs. There were not many deals compared to day trading, and was too selective in the selection of shares. While he says that the super system is early, I think more luck. Let's see what will happen next.  

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