Swing positions

My Swing Positions in the US Stock Market – NYSE

Swing TTS – Tile Shop Holdings, Inc

Excellent overnight by TTS – Tile Shop Holdings, Inc , of course a little missed my goal, but it was dangerous to sit further due to a possible rollback down.


Back to swing trading, while I took a little vacation inside the day.

91% on swings !

Allocated a small amount for swing trading in the US stock market in August, made a separate account and connected the GT WebTrader web terminal Traded very carefully and with minimal risks, Of course, I made a lot of mistakes in that regard, that he did not implement several good ideas when closing positions as a day trader. On 24 September it turned out …

91% on swings ! Read more

Swing positions in MOS, DHW

Well, I finally started to implement the ideas I had conceived for SWING position. MOS :The Mosaic Company MOS и POT убили, but such companies should not fall. Held on for a couple of days. DHW : AECOM Technology Corporation

EXPE : Expedia Inc same bug as GME

Managed to repeat the error in EXPE again : Expedia Inc which he made in GME. Already lacked 400 cents per swing, horror !

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