Итоги недели

Results of the past week 03.05 — 07.05

Very good start to the month, not even counting the minus on Tuesday, the week ended perfectly. It could be considered 6 positive week closed, but the reports are coming to an end and the results will be more modest further.

Results of the past week 22.03 — 26.03

The week was not very good for me, to put it mildly. Of four trading days, 3 в минусе. Didn't understand the market at all and traded in the first hour, what violates the rules of my trading strategy. The month remained in a symbolic plus and it is necessary to fix it. We will try harder and work on ourselves.

Results of the past week 11.01 — 15.01

A week before the new year and after practically did not trade, made a small plus, nothing outstanding. Monday 11 January turned out to be good for me, but subsequent 3 days there were small minuses due to the fact that the session is now in progress and it is not possible to prepare for the trading day normally. On Friday, he pulled himself together and did 3 literate trades that brought 50C + 40With + 40С = 130С to me in general. And closed the week in positive territory.

Results of the past week 21.12 — 24.12

The week started somehow not very well for me. Понедельник и вторник закрылся в минусе, something the market did not understand at all these days, but on Wednesday and Thursday I closed in a normal plus and the week turned out to be positive. The situation is similar on your trading account., конечно там было больше проблемы чисто технического плана с моей стороны, не привык к терминалу и пару раз цены стопов перепутал, но все равно неделя получилась плюсовая. В пятницу был выходной на бирже

Results of the past week 14.12 — 18.12

The week was not even very bad for me, Total 1 negative day and then because of trading on a different trading strategy that I am still learning, so nothing to complain about. Opened an account with Manhattan Investment Group International for trading on myself The last days of the week dealt with the Laser trading platform, comfortable of course, но еще не привычно. Дела налаживаться, главное соблюдать дисциплину и будет все хорошо.

Results of the past week 7.12 — 11.12

The week I got back to zero. Just started experimenting with fat stocks and huge volume, but on other days, following my trading strategy, I got a good plus. I will try to trade more consciously using an additional strategy and less volume, until I understand my pros and cons. Надо жестче соблюдать дисциплину и торговую стратегию. Каких то грубых ошибок не было, но дополнительная стратегия забрала прибыль по основной стратегии. Потихоньку моя торговля нормализуется и приходит в норму, дальше все будет хорошо -)

Results of the past week 30.11 — 04.12

Closed the week at zero. Due to lack of discipline. All the money earned on trends is lost by catching reversals in stocks and averaging in them. It is necessary to stop trading reversals in stocks When trading from the opening, excitement appears and concentration in transactions and their correct assessment disappears, хочется быстрее везде успеть Надо довести положительное количество сделок до 40%, сейчас оно 30% Продолжаю торговать выбирая акции с наибольшим потенциалом на успех Переносим стоп в без убыток при прайс дельте +15С если есть возможность Если есть основание покрываем 50% позиции при прайс дельте 50 центов Размер позиции остается прежним Никакого усреднения и увеличения позиции

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