Coinbase unexpectedly listed 4 little-known altcoins

Recently, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been actively adding new assets and this time they got the listing right away. 4 little-known altcoins

Coinbase unexpectedly listed 4 little-known altcoins

Созданный на базе Ethereum token KRL, providing the operation of the automated trading platform Kryll, grew rapidly after listing. In a day, the asset took off from $1,02 to a local maximum $1,82, that is on 78%. The Kryll platform is designed to, so that users can view, create and test various trading strategies, and also see their performance. KRL token is used on the platform to pay commissions and reduce costs.

The second supported asset was a token created on the basis of Ethereum TRAC, supporting the OriginTrail data management system. This system helps companies to securely store and manage critical information.. TRAC token is intended for payment for processing and storing data on the network. Since the listing was announced, the TRAC rate has risen by 33,9% – to $1,25.

The next supported token was LCX, which is also based on Ethereum. It powers the LCX Exchange digital asset trading platform. During the day, LCX grew by 6,8% – to $0,32.

And the latest listed asset is an Ethereum-based stan token called ETHNIC GROUP. It powers the SUKU platform, designed to introduce new reporting and verification standards in the supply chain industry. but, the fact of listing did not affect the SUKU rate, which for the day decreased by 3,1% – to $0,94.

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