Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

Бинариум стратегии для новичков | Настройка и правила пользования

Strategy for binary options on 5 minutes is an ideal way to make a profit. Trader opens deals based on indicator signals, the profitability of which is about 80%. Professionals use additional high risk scalping techniques to maximize benefits.

As for assets, then any currency pairs are suitable for trading, except for those, which contain the Japanese yen (JPY) and Russian ruble, and also a pair of AUDNZD. Promotions, raw materials and other assets are not suitable.

Before, than go to the direct description of the trading system itself (CU), Figure out, what are the advantages of this broker? It's that simple. In addition to a convenient trading platform and a demo account, this company allows you to start working on the market with minimal amounts.

The author of the trading strategy offers his own system for calculating the coefficients for changing the investment amount in the event of unprofitable transactions. You can find a table for calculation in his VKontakte group (pretty easy to find, type in a search engine - Vladimir Gortsev VKontakte).

Best strategy settings for newbies in Binomo

  • If you got a profit, look for the next sequence and buy BOs again under the same conditions;
  • If you got a loss, on the next candle they buy a binary option in the same direction, increasing the investment amount according to the coefficient. Repeat until then, until they make a profit (just one is enough candles the desired color, so that the whole sequence of transactions in the sums gives profit). If the number of losing trades has reached 6, then go to search for another sequence and start all over again.

However, it is enough to make an effort and take trading seriously., so that trade becomes a real source of income for a person. One of the basic conditions is having a proven and reliable strategy.. Her choice largely depends on your professional skills., and also from that, which broker did you decide to work with.

So, everything will be enough to replenish the account 500 rubles, and the amount of investment in a deal can be 100 rub. For a beginner trader, this is a great opportunity to smoothly switch from a demo account to real trading., without risking a lot of money.

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Some of the brokers, for example, Binomo provides its clients with free demo accounts for training. It's real gift for beginners, therefore, below we will consider

the best strategy for newbies in Binomo.

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

This system is based on the use of the Parabolic SAR indicator, which shows a trend reversal. If points, which denotes the movement, are above the graph, then the trend is decreasing, if under it - the trend is growing. When there is a signal about a change in the direction of the trend, you need to wait for the candle, and if there has been no change in position, then the option is bought according to the indicator signal.

  1. First option (bright red) indicates a strong fall in price, what will soon lead to growth.
  2. Green says the opposite, that the price has gone up a lot, and it is unlikely that the asset will be in demand before its value decreases.

Moving averages

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

Thus, you need to conclude Put or Call deals at the moment of crossing the lines, i.e, when fast moving (green) crosses slow (Red) sliding. Recommended expiration - 30-45 minutes or hour.

  • news trading;
  • trading signals 60 sec.;
  • trading signals;
  • heat map.

The official website has a special section, where to find strategies and find the right option. In this section, strategies are divided into groups:

Basic systems are developed on the basis of technical analysis and signals of special programs to study changes in the price of an asset. For greater efficiency, you can combine separate strategies into one scheme.. The basic types include the following types:

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

Let's denote the basic rules for trading binars on a five-minute segment:

Trading is a popular way to make money, without leaving home. Many traders prefer to trade binary options on short-term periods.. It is especially important for the investor to decide on the tactics, to optimize the trading process and get the maximum profit. Let's tell, what are the best strategies for binary options today 5 minutes, how to apply them and what income they can generate.

Setting up a strategy

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

System setup is presented in three basic steps:

Trading over three hundred seconds is very stressful, precise and clear. For currency pairs, it is better to choose assets with medium volatility., when rate jumps are observed no more often 4-6 once a day. It is not recommended to experiment with scalping, this threatens the rapid ruin of the deposit and the exclusion of the user from the game.

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In a short period of time on intraday trading, a trader makes a decent profit thanks to frequent signals (80-85%). Without a doubt scalping is a high-risk trading. Without a clear understanding of the situation, specific signals to enter and exit, you should not open trades. Bright banners cannot be trusted, talking about multimillion-dollar income in five minutes. Have to train hard, hone tactics, only a trader will trade profitably.

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

Is considered, that using the correct binary options trading strategy provides no more 10 % Success. Much more depends on the correct distribution of money and trading psychology. However, professional traders believe, what you shouldn't count on successful trading without a competent strategy.

Profit from trading binary options is clearly related to the size of the investment. The risks are great, but the income is also high - traders receive up to 96% from invested funds.

Trading strategies for beginners

Binarium strategies for beginners | Customization and terms of use

Trading the news is part of trading based on fundamental analysis. The market reacts to important events in the political and economic spheres. These may be changes in the financial policy of a large state., introduction of customs duties, the release of analysts from a large institution, etc..

Simple trading system, working on any trading assets. There are two ways to implement it - conservative trading with a fixed investment volume and martingale option with doubling the option value in case of failure..

Strategies for binary options on 60 seconds - an opportunity to make money on the exchange, on small price movements per minute. Most of the strategies for trading on the exchange are based on simple indicators, provided by brokers of binary options.


We carry out the same procedure when the price touches the bottom of the channel., only the other way around. We are waiting for a signal to buy an option ABOVE, when the chart touches the lower border of the channel. We wait for the moment of closing the candle, broke through the range. We are waiting for the beginning of the reverse movement of the new candle and the moment,when it breaks the open level of the previous candle. If this does not happen, we wait, when subsequent candles break through the open level of the candle, broke through the border of the range. As soon as the level is broken, we buy the option ABOVE with execution time 45-50 minutes.

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We will work on the schedule EURUSD. When the price chart reaches the upper border of the range, you need to be ready for a signal to buy an option BELOW. The candlestick must break through the range and close above or near the border. Next, you need to wait for the moment when the movement starts in the opposite direction.. If the next candlestick goes down and passes the level, on which the candle opened, broke through the border, the system signals us to buy an option BELOW. The candlestick may not immediately break through the opening level, it can be both the second and the third candle, it is necessary to wait for this moment. The option exercise time must be set 45-50 minutes for hourly interval.

Procedure for the best binary options strategy 2021 linear regression :

Best Binary Options Strategy - New 2021 years based on linear regression


IN 2021 year, according to the strategy, it is the most profitable and convenient to trade with a broker Binarium . Broker has unlimited demo account and the ability to make deals from everything from 1$. That's why, if you don't have an account yet, can register at the broker Binarium for trade.

The black moving EMA5 crosses the blue EMA10 from top to bottom. Orange moving ЕМА15 crosses from below upwards ЕМА10. At the moment of crossing, the Stochastic Oscillator should have a downward direction from the overbought zone (100-80) and also be in an approximate neutral value 50. Buy option BELOW with expiration time 15-30 minutes.

EMA black moving average(5) should cross the blue moving EMA upwards 10. In this case, the orange EMA15 should cross from top to bottom EMA10. During the crossing of moving averages, the stochastic oscillator should be directed upward from the oversold zone (0-20) and be at an approximate level 50. We buy an option on the platform of the best binary options broker with an exercise time 15-30 minutes.

The strategy is not difficult and is suitable even for beginners, the main thing is to constantly train. The greater the number of transactions to make using this tactic, the better the final result will be. Perhaps you will like it, and you will always use it with your broker.


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