analysis of statistics part 3

анализ статистики ч.3

analysis of statistics part 3
I continue a series of fascinating studies of my trades.
now then, what I did in part 2 I projected onto the time parameter!
here by analogy:
make selections separately for positive trades and separately for negative ones and divide into several time groups (American time):
1. 9:30-10
2. 10-11
3. 11-12
4. 12-13
5. 13-14
6. 14-15
7. 15-60
calculate the profit factor for each.

well… and then an interesting surprise awaited me :) – turns out, I shouldn't open the terminal before 12.. and, a week earlier I suggested offhand, that you shouldn't enter the market before 11. ha! no matter how. stata speaks! Yes… with 11 to 12 I took some coins from the market, but somehow I didn't count the losses, although I knew, that there are a lot of them too.. the most interesting time for me – обед! get hurt…

there are a couple of hazy intervals – it with 9:30 to 10 and s 15 to 16 (last hour before closing). Over there – few deals, therefore the sample is not representative (I fucked up the whole course in mathematical statistics at the academy, ну что ж – I had to retrain and master the terms:))..

I think, that it makes sense to test these intervals with an incomplete lot.

By the way, I have a quiz question for you – как думаете: what is the easiest entry into a trade??

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