Analysts have named Micron shares, Nvidia, Broadcom and Marvell are the best in the industry

Аналитики назвали акции Micron, Nvidia, Broadcom и Marvell лучшими в отрасли

YTD Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, which shares are included 30 largest chip developers, grew by 45%. According to investment banks, some stocks from this index have good upside potential in 2022.

Experts call cloud technology, 5G, unmanned cars, metauniverses and artificial intelligence are the main growth drivers of semiconductor companies. These are the companies they have noted.


According to Wells Fargo, Micron is the best company in its segment and the leading manufacturer of DRAM memory. Bank notes strong growth in chip sales in the automotive market, where the company's share is about 50%.

Goldman Sachs and J.. P. Morgan await, what a growing demand, including from corporations on SSD-drives, will also lead to increased profits for Micron in 2022.


According to J. P. Morgan, Nvidia will continue to benefit from these growth drivers, like video games, data centers and autonomous cars. The bank assumes, that the company will continue to lead in these industries.

Wells Fargo Expects Nvidia To Grow With Omniverse, A Platform For Building Virtual Metauniverses.


Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Recognize High Order Volume from Broadcom Clients Through 2023 and Rapidly Growing Dividend Yield.

Goldman points to stable revenue growth and high margins compared to competitors..


According to the forecasts of J.. P. Morgan, Marvell sales will grow faster than the industry average in the coming years thanks to a diversified portfolio and new developments in storage and networking.

And Rosenblatt Celebrates Marvell's Rapid Transition to Next-Generation 5nm Chips, which competitors will not be able to repeat.

Indicators of companies

Capitalization to sales Expected sales growth in 2022 year
Micron (MU) 3,4 16,3%
Nvidia (NVDA) 31,6 60,0%
Broadcom (AVGO) 10,0 11,7%
Marvell (MRVL) 19,2 49,7%
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