Goldman Sachs analysts consider it possible for ETH to rise to $8000 by the end 2021 of the year

Goldman Sachs analysts believe, that by the end of this year, ETH has enough room for significant growth, despite the efforts of competitors to reduce its market share

Аналитики Goldman Sachs считают возможным рост курса ETH до $8000 к концу 2021 года

Experts believe, what course Ethereum is underestimated and by the end of the year may reach $8000. Their analysis is based on similar trading models, taking into account inflation for the period from 2019 of the year.

Bank analysts relied on schedule, showing Bloomberg Galaxy cryptocurrency index and 2-year inflation swap. Focusing on the chart, they assumed, that the outlook for ETH looks promising, as he previously monitored inflationary markets and its cyclicality can be a positive indicator:

“The market began to press on the historical maximum with a narrowing wedge, which is either a sign of a peak, or a starting point for a high-speed rally when breaking through to higher levels "

If a correlation inflation will continue, analysts consider an acceptable target for an asset a level in $8000.

Goldman Sachs' outlook is the most optimistic outlook for Ethereum in the short term. Finder recently predicted, that by the end of this year, the Ethereum rate may rise to $5 114, and to 2025 year to get to $18 000. These figures were obtained through a survey, at which 10% upper and lower exchange rate limits were excluded from the final analysis.

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