Amazon reported a net loss for the quarter for the first time since 2015 of the year. Shares fell by 9%

Amazon отчиталась о чистом убытке за квартал впервые с 2015 года. Акции упали на 9%

Amazon reported a net loss for the quarter for the first time since 2015 of the year. Shares fell by 9%

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28 апреля Amazon отчиталась за первый квартал 2022 of the year, and its shares in the post-market fell by 9%, to 2632 $. The company reported its weak results, failed investments and gave a poor forecast for the quarter.

Revenue and operating profit

Here's how the retailer's key metrics changed compared to the same quarter last year, 2021 of the year.

Amazon's total revenue increased by just 7%, to 116,4 billion dollars. Это самый медленный рост с 2001 of the year. For comparison: over the past five years, the company's sales have increased by an average of 28% in year.

Amazon explained the bad results in the same way, like many other companies: macroeconomic conditions are to blame. It's inflation., supply disruptions, high logistics and personnel costs. The company expects, that in the second quarter sales will grow even less - by 3-7%.

Combined sales in the North America and International segments, which are retail and digital services in North America and other countries, grew only by 3%. Total revenue increased largely due to AWS cloud business, which added 37%.

For the same reasons, i.e. high costs, Amazon's operating profit fell by almost 60%, to 3,7 billion dollars. Retail business again brought a loss, and all operating profit was generated by AWS.

According to company forecasts, во втором квартале операционная прибыль составит от −1 до 3 billion dollars.

Revenue in the first quarter, billion dollars

North America64,469,2

Operating profit in the first quarter, billion dollars

North America3,4−1,6

Net profit

Впервые с 2015 года Amazon сообщила о чистом убытке, который составил 3,8 billion dollars. The main reason for this loss is the revaluation of Rivian shares..

Молодой производитель электрокаров с инвестициями от Amazon вышел на биржу в ноябре 2021 of the year. In the first week of trading, Rivian rose by 70%, with 100 to 170 $. Already by the end of the year they fell to the IPO level. IN 2022 году пузырь продолжил сдуваться: since the IPO, securities have fallen by 70%, а убыток Amazon от инвестиций по итогам первого квартала составил 7,6 billion dollars.

This Amazon loss is “paper”, i.e. unrealized. And he'll stay that way, until the company sells its shares. Something else is important in the Amazon report: because of those same "macro conditions" the retailer's core business is still suffering, and not necessarily, that the situation will change in the coming quarters.

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