Virgin Galactic shares are up 10% after the news of the resumption of flights

Акции virgin galactic выросли на 10% после новости о возобновлении полетов

FAA Completes Investigation of Virgin Galactic's Last Flight and Allows the Company to Reopen.

In early September, the regulator began to study the details of Virgin Galactic's flight., which took place 11 july. According to management, during the flight, the VSS Unity ship deviated from the specified trajectory and went beyond the boundaries of safe space. The regulator banned the company from conducting any tests until the end of the investigation.

After claims from the management of Virgin Galactic made a couple of amendments. The company has expanded the safe area, to have more room for maneuvers on the next flights. The company also improved the notification system., which will be received by the Civil Aviation Administration during the flight.

As Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazie said, the regulator accepted all amendments and allowed the resumption of flights. After Kolglazye's announcement, the company's shares on the postmarket rose by 10%. Since the beginning of the year, securities have risen in price by 7%, from 23.21 to 24,85 $.

Unity's next mission 23 Virgin Galactic expected to hold at the end of September. During the next tests, the supplier of the company warned of possible problems in the control system., therefore the flight was postponed to the second half of October.

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