Akcii tyson foods vyrosli na 9 posle kvartalnogo otcheta 41eb3be акции tyson foods выросли на 9% после квартального отчета

Tyson Foods shares rose by 9% after quarterly report

Акции tyson foods выросли на 9% после квартального отчета


One of the world's largest suppliers of meat Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN) published financial report for the third quarter 2021 of the year:

  • revenue increased by 24,5%, to 12,5 billion dollars;
  • operating profit increased by 37,4%, to 1,1 billion;
  • adjusted operating income increased by 81%, to 1,4 billion;
  • net profit increased by 42,4%, to 749 million.

"During 12 quarters in a row we have increased our share in our core business. Sales volume increased, since the restaurant industry began to recover. We have increased meat production, to meet the strong demand in the US and abroad for better products. We reduce our financial debt and invest in future growth, developing plans to expand our business ", - said the head of Tyson Foods Donnie King.

Revenue. Compared to last year, the company increased sales in all segments. The largest increase in sales of beef and pork - by 24 and 14,5%. Sales of chicken and ready-to-eat foods have increased 3,3 and 4,5%. The company increased its revenue thanks to the recovery in the catering industry, and also due to the higher selling price. Revenue negatively affected by coronavirus restrictions and labor shortages.

COVID-19. Tyson Foods does not make specific predictions, but admit, that the pandemic will continue to negatively impact sales and operating costs in the short term. According to company estimates, in 2021 year, additional costs due to COVID-19 will amount to 325 million dollars.

Forecast. USDA forecast, in 2021 year meat production, namely beef, pork and poultry, in the country will grow by less than 1%. The company itself expects an increase in annual revenue of 7.5-8%, up to 46-47 billion dollars.

Promotions. On Monday, after the report, Tyson Foods shares added 8,7%. Since the beginning of the year, the company's shares have grown by 21,7%, to 77,3 $. Tyson Foods Raises Dividends for Nine Years. Годовая доходность — 2,3%.

Акции tyson foods выросли на 9% после квартального отчета

Tyson Foods revenue, million dollars

20202021Volume of salesSelling price
Finished products203523234,5%9,7%
Domestic sales−295−478
Total10 02212 4789,7%17,1%


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