Aggressive Forex Trading. Account monitoring

so, concluding the discussion about the forex market and the stock market, lifted on Smartlab. For those who do not know what the reason is, I propose to follow the links in the article of the Lord, I ask to the barrier! + Video response to the comments of the post "Gentlemen, I ask to the barrier!» + Transcript of video response at the request of readers

I am publishing an account now.

so,option three:

1. either you read my blog / Smart reports,

2. or follow the status of the rating,

3. or watch trading in real time in the terminal.

For the third method, the terminal can be downloaded, before registering a personal account in a couple of minutes here. You will find there a link to download the trading terminal (compare it to shitty quick). After installing the MT4 terminal, go File - Login and enter your login 907000, investor password kw3mpBn. Choose a server Alpari-ECN-Live

Now you can see all my transactions in real time, open and closed, account balance, order numbers, opening times and points, etc.. Can't you interfere with my trade. Someone in the comments stated, that there is no trust, because broker can play along with me, but these words do not stand up to scrutiny, for any, who traded on forex understands the absurdity of such statements.

I decided to make it in the form of a pamma, because there are good informers for them, one of which I will hang in the sidebar on the blog and you will be able to see % прибыли или убытка.

What's on trade: агрессивная, while my opponents are at the depot in 5000 or 20 000 ye count on 5-10% per month, I have all this hypertrophied at times. The risk per trade can be up to 20% and higher. That is, I stand up for the fairness and vitality of my advice, data in the article How to increase the depot in 5-10 once? Tips from a seasoned panda

  Success Tesla Motors

Risk less, to earn more, that's the whole philosophy. You can subscribe to the newsletter, so as not to miss the news, хорошие или плохие.

And although the trade in the amount of several hundred dollars has caused ridicule from skeptics, I trade at a depot in 20 раз меньшем, than their bills, but with goals, which exceed their goals tens of times. When planning to accelerate the depot, build fat and reinvest profits. If we talk about the goal, which I like now is a Mercedes GL550. I just like this car, the very thing for the family. Not a cute Q7 and not a fancy X6.

Mercedes GL550 для Димы Стецко

I just think, that no car can be worth more for a good and ambitious trader 300 Dollars. It's a fair price.

Once again, I want to warn beginners against, so that they do not get confused in what is happening. Я отстаиваю плюсы агрессивной торговли, but not in the least against conservative trade with goals in 3-5% per month. Just due to the frequent bankruptcy of brokers (both ours and foreign) the first approach is safer, although associated with an increased risk of draining. But that's the point, the amount of the deposit in this case should be very small, which you do not mind losing. My trading friend Stanislav Bernukhov wrote on his blog, how did you withdraw the money? (20 000 ye) from the broker PFG Best literally two months before the bankruptcy of the latter. Think for yourself now ...

Aggressive Forex Trading. Account monitoring

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