Personal blog of a professional trader on the US stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) Dmitry Gavrilov.

Started his career at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2008 years in prop company .

With 2009 of the year became a senior trader of the largest prop in Russia and began to train traders of the company.

With 2011 of the year were traders of GT Capital Group with the support of SMB Capital (USA).

IN 2012 year I decided to conduct individual lessons with traders using my own method. Learn more about training

With 2013 I've been trading with my own money, investors and prop companies.

P.S. I am constantly trying to improve my trading strategy, I have a positive attitude to criticism and is ready to help with advice to those in need. I look forward to your comments on my deals and thoughts

Their arrived in $ I'm not going to voice, I trade for a company and can't stand my monetary results outside of it. This is not the most important thing, what do you need to know ;)

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