“Пришел Пить Воду, Не Узнал Ее Вкус…..” (Б.Г.)

There is a cool feature in WealthLab — shows how many percent the price has grown from a given point on the chart and immediately converts it into annual percent.

So here, since the beginning of the year, the ruble has depreciated against the dollar by 40%. Or on 50% per annum. This makes trading on the Russian market an aimless and unprofitable activity.. Everyone who earned less than 40%, actually, turn out to be in the red by the end of the year. It is unlikely that any of the serious players earn more than 40% per annum. This means that they are all in the red..

An example for clarity — if a year ago the average salary in Russia was 800 Dollars, now only 400…. which puts the country on a par with not the richest African countries.


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