6 альткоинов идут вразрез с рынком 6 альткоинов идут вразрез с рынком, показывая приличный рост 3

6 altcoins go against the market, showing decent height

One of the cryptocurrency directions went against the trend in the market and 6 altcoins representing it have shown explosive growth

6 альткоинов идут вразрез с рынком, показывая приличный рост

BTC is still trying to get back above the mark $60 000, but altcoins related to games and virtual reality show good profitability.

Decentraland virtual world project token course (WHERE) per day increased by 38%, continuing the take-off that began at the end of last month. MANA has grown by more than 600%.

The Sandbox Metaverse Platform Token Price (SAND) added in a day 48%, and within a week the increase was 136%. Part of SAND's accomplishments may be attributed to its partnership with Adidas.

Play-to-earn-platform Gala has shown one of the highest growth rates: within a week the GALA course took off by 300% (per day for 26%).

Decentralized social gaming platform UFO Gaming showed decent results (UFO). The project created the Dark Metaverse (dark metaverse), in which members can create their own clans, own and trade virtual land, as well as earn cryptocurrency or NFT tokens. Within a week, the UFO rate added 118%, and within a month — 369%.

NFT-focused game studio Illuvium (ILV) also included in the list of successful projects. ILV token is trading higher $1400, adding in a day 24% and in a week 43%.

And at the bottom of the list is the lunchpad for the Starlink gaming metauniverses. (STARL). Over the past month, the STARL rate has increased by more than 500%.

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