2021 year: where to invest rubles?

2021 год: куда вложить рубли?

To choose a very profitable instrument, at first it is necessary to assess its potential effectiveness. Let's look at some burning thoughts together..

2021 year: where to invest rubles?

Bank deposits

Interest deposits are listed as an easier method of investing free funds. However, lightness hides low efficiency.. IN 2020 year, the Central Bank lowered the main rate to the lowest in the history of values. This decision actually completely devalued bank deposits.. According to the Central Bank of Russia, average rate from 2015 on 2020 year was 8,8 %. Reducing the acquired indicator by the value of the average increase in the general price level for the same period, we get the average efficiency on deposits - 1,3 %.

IN 2021 it's hard to find a bank, which offers a rate above 6-seven percent per annum. This is a small value, overlapping inflation. However, not everything is so dark - here are a few advantages, available in bank deposits:

  • Insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency. In other words, if the bank's license is revoked , you can receive insurance indemnity before 1,4 million rubles.
  • No need to spend financial resources on registration.

Deposits come up to, who values ​​stability and reliability first. You will be able to receive income on some ruble deposits , but in general their efficiency is close to zero. p>

Buying real estate

Purchasing real estate remains a tried and tested option for saving money.. Apartments are constantly popular, because real estate is easy to convert into cash. Despite the high pace of construction, there are still not enough apartments.

Advantages of investing in real estate:

  • Tax deduction при приобретению — вы получите его лишь один раз.
  • Consistent rise in apartment prices.
  • Measured rental income.
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Analyzes demonstrate, that the profit from renting a dwelling is one and a half percent higher than the level of increase in the general price level. The introduction of preferential mortgage programs has somewhat squeezed this market. However, in big cities, the demand for rent remains at the level 2018 of the year.

Investments in shares

There are two more common options for investing in stocks.. В первом случае вы передаёте средства в trust management экспертам. They make up and manage the investment portfolio. If the market situation changes, specialists sell the least profitable assets and add more promising ones. They are rewarded for their work..

2-Oth option - you yourself trade on the exchange. Special training is needed here, which can be obtained on training courses.

Financial financiers in the securities market fall into three huge categories:

  • long;
  • mid-term;
  • short-term.

Long-term financiers invest in securities for a period of 5 up to ten years. They rely on the measured development of large organizations and overall economic growth. The term of investments of medium-term financiers - from 3 up to five years. Short-term financiers invest in securities for a period of one year.

Starting your own business

You will be able to invest in your business. We recommend taking a closer look at the service industry, fast food outlets and online trading. You don't have to have huge capital to start a business. First, you will be able to work without hired employees and renting an office.

To work for yourself it is not necessary to register an individual entrepreneur. You can become self-employed. Just notify the Federal Tax Service, install a special program and use the preferential taxation system— 4% when working with individuals and 6% with legal entities.

An interesting option is to buy an existing business or franchise. The advantage of this investment is, that the operating business already has its own customer base.

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Investing in gold

For a long time, gold was the backbone of the monetary system and was considered one of the most real assets. His position was shaken after, how world currencies got rid of the gold standard. Nevertheless, investors still highly value this metal and consider it almost the main protective asset., with which you can wait out any crisis situation.

After the fall in the 90s, the price of gold is steadily rising. Perhaps, the most rapid leap, since 2000s, was recorded last year. At the time of the collapse of the markets, investors began to actively use conservative instruments. As a result, in the first six months 2020 years gold has risen in price by 30% and approached the maximum 2011 of the year - $2000 per ounce.

We have offered you only a few ways to invest.. Unfortunately, statistics show, that the majority of the inhabitants of our country still prefer to keep their savings "under the pillow". Is it worth reminding, that this is the most hopeless and even harmful way, able to turn any amount into useless paper.

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