10 top tips Investors and Traders

1. markets are cyclical
Many beginners panic and leave the kriptotreydinga after the first collapse of the market. Yes, he occasionally falls, but worry about it not worth it - in the end every time he climbs back.

2.Differentiate trade style
It is important to understand, that a trader buys an asset for a short time, and sell it at a profit, and investment - is a long-term investment, designed to be a source of income in the future.

3.Be sure to think through a plan
Can not enter the market without a plan - it is necessary to define the objectives, make a plan and stick to it religiously.

4. Do not trust too lucrative offers
The market is full of scams. If you see an incredibly lucrative offer, most likely, you are trying to cheat. Algorithms are not asleep

5. Buy or sell, if you invest
Мно­гие ин­ве­сто­ры пы­та­ют­ся за­ра­ба­ты­вать, pokupaya of and for at least the prodavaya, when the situation begins to improve. The Commission may take a significant portion of the profits.

6. Choose carefully advisers
Novice traders and investors are often wrong, Following the advice of a stranger. professional opinion should be taken into account, but do not need to blindly agree with him - to examine the situation and take their own decisions. По­сле­до­вав дур­но­му со­ве­ту, you blame someone (but do not themselves), but it does not return the money.

7. Do not trust the news
The market lives, it's always something going on, and in an attempt to predict the near future people all the time coming up with the news, and conflicting intelligence and did a dime a dozen. Ignore the media and draw their own conclusions. Watch the story

8. Learn to manage risks
Risk management - a useful skill. It allows you to make a profit, even if you make a mistake and lose half their initial investment.

9. Study the behavior of the price and trading volume - they can tell a lot
If an eye on the price and trading volume of the asset, you can tell a lot about the near future.

10. Do not be afraid to make mistakes
Mistakes do happen at all, and only with traders even more so can not be sure, I made the right choice. But let it not hurt you - any error, this experience.

11. Do not try to understand the market
The market is not rational, and often it behaves in unexpected ways. Пред­ска­зать, what tomorrow will, невоз­мож­но: it may fall in the middle of an uptrend, and vice versa. With this you just need to accept.

12. Be able to step aside
Some assets simply do not have the capacity - if the asset price continues to fall, and the trading volume also does not grow, about such an investment is better to forget.

13. If you have missed a good opportunity - this is not the end of the world
Market - is a living being with its own character, so be sure, The most interesting will happen, when you do not see. It may be late at night or time, when you swim in the pool or dine - you will inevitably lose something, but upset about it not worth it, because a new opportunity is waiting for you.

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