Does the past to the future?

Trading in the real world often requires that you are focused on getting immediate experience to a greater extent than their past mistakes. Did you suffer losses, one after the other or you just tortured fears about the past? The following short quiz will help you understand the answer to this question.

To what extent do you agree with each of the more opinions?

If you completely disagree with this or any other matter for discussion, then write yourself 1 point if you simply do not agree with statements, note 2 points. If you generally agree, write yourself 3 points. If you fully agree record 4 points. Now define its position on the following judgments:

1) My past mistakes and failures will shape events in the future, only if I believe in what they will.
2) People overestimate the influence of the past.
3) I try not to dwell on what happened in the past.
4) Positive thinking and striving for victory in the state outweigh the negative experience of defeats.
5) There is no need to ensure that mistakes of the past affect my future work.

Among the people who spread the belief that the traits of our character and actions in this are the result of our past experience. Although to some extent this may be true, but in so easy. It is tempting to think that if we are products of our past, then our past dictate our future. However, past experience does not necessarily affect the future. Psychologists who have studied the optimal action, concluded that people who have achieved success tend to focus on what is happening here and now, on the immediate, current experience, and not fixated on the interpretation of events and actions of the past.

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How many points you score? If you scored 5 points or less, then you are in the group, which comprises less than 25% of traders who participated in the test of reference group. The number you dialed points suggests that you believe, if past experience affects future events. This belief may limit you in your actions. Of course, you depend on the past, but this does not mean that the future is determined by events that occurred in the past. Sometimes it nice to think that the past holds the key to the future, but often focus on past experiences interfere focus on getting the current experience. Focus on the current experience is very important for success in trade.

You can change their orientation, changing the style of thinking and behavior. How often do you think about what happened in the past, instead of thinking about this? Do you think that the past should affect the future? Try to prove to himself the inadequacy of that opinion. Pretend saved from your past mistakes, what will change then? Maybe you’ll understand that your real disappointment in the past need not jeopardize your success in the future …

In contrast, if you score 11 or more points, then you are in a group that does not include 75% of traders who passes the test.

Dialed your glasses suggest that the only concentrate on getting the current experience, not thinking about the past. It is very important for commercial success.

The past can have a powerful impact on your future, if you allow this to be done. It is important to know how past experience provides a basis for your view of the future. If you’re a beginner, who once was lucky, probably you need to get rid of excess self-confidence. If you are an experienced trader with a large store of knowledge, which often had to deal with failures, it is very important not to fixate on them and remain optimistic. Although we can learn a lot from our past, it is important sometimes to forget this experience. Do not analyze it too often and much. Get the experience that can and move into the future. The more you can focus on the current experience, the current transaction, and not on the past, the more profit will get!

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