Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC.N) (New York Stock Exchange)

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is engaged in the information technology (IT) and professional services industry. CSC offers an array of services to clients in the commercial and government markets. Its service offerings include IT and business process outsourcing, and IT and professional services. Outsourcing involves operating all or a portion of a customer’s technology infrastructure, including systems analysis, applications development, network operations, desktop computing and data center management. CSC also provides business process outsourcing, managing key functions for clients, such as procurement and supply chain, call centers and customer relationship management, credit services, claims processing and logistics. IT and professional services include systems integration, consulting and other professional services. Systems integration encompasses designing, developing, implementing and integrating complete information systems. Consulting and professional services includes advising clients on the acquisition and utilization of IT and on business strategy, security, modeling, simulation, engineering, operations, change management and business process reengineering. In December 2008, the Company acquired Object Builder Software. In August 2009, the Company completed the acquisition of BearingPoint’s operation in Brazil.

The Company licenses software systems for the financial services and other industry-specific markets, and provides an array of end-to-end business solutions that meet the needs of commercial and government clients. CSC provides its services to clients in domestic and international commercial industries and to the United States federal, state, and foreign governments. The Company provides services within three service lines: Business Solutions and Services (BS&S), Global Outsourcing Services (GOS) and North American Public Sector (NPS). The BS&S line of business includes the BS&S-Consulting, BS&S-Financial Services Sector and BS&S-Other reportable segments. The BS&S-Other segment includes the Company’s BS&S operations in Asia, Australia and India.

The BS&S line of business provides consulting and systems integration services through the BS&S-Consulting and BS&S-Other segments and business process outsourcing and software and software maintenance services through the BS&S-Financial Services Sector segment. In addition, the BS&S-Other segment provides professional technology staffing services in Australia and computer equipment repair and maintenance services in Asia. The BS&S-Financial Services Sector segment also provides credit reporting services in the United States. The Company’s GOS line of business provides information systems outsourcing services to clients in an array of industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical and natural resources, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and distribution, telecommunications, and technology.

The Company’s NPS line of business, providing IT services to the United States federal government, is a federal contractor and is one of the IT service providers. CSC serves a federal customer base, including civil departments and branches of the military, as well as the Department of Homeland Security. The Company provides a spectrum of services to the United States federal government, ranging from traditional systems integration and outsourcing to project management and technical services. Offerings include enterprise modernization, telecommunications and networking, managed services, base and range operations, and training and simulation.

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Личный блог профессионального трейдера на фондовой бирже США (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) Дмитрия Гаврилова. Начал свою карьеру на NYSE (Нью-Йоркская фондовая биржа) в 2008 года в проп компании . С 2009 года стал старшим трейдером крупнейшего пропа в России и начал обучать трейдеров компании. С 2011 года был трейдеров компании GT Capital Group при поддержке SMB Capital (США).