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Results of last week 21.12 — 24.12

The week began with me as it is not very. Monday and Tuesday closed in the red, what is the market did not understand in these days, but on Wednesday and Thursday closed in positive territory and a normal week you will get the positive. The situation is similar in its trading account, of course there was more of a purely technical issue plan on my part, not used to the terminal and a couple of times the price stops mixed up, but still turned out week-zero. Friday was a holiday on the Stock Exchange

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Results of last week 14.12 — 18.12

Sunday was very bad even for me, just 1 day and then the negative because of trade for other trading strategy that only learn more, so do not complain at that.
Opened by Manhattan Investment Group International for trading on a
Last Days of the week to deal with trading platform Laser, easy course, but not habitually.

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Results of last week 7.12 — 11.12

WEEK I turned back to zero. Just started experimenting with thick stock and a huge amount, but on other days following his trading strategy with a good plus.
Will try more consciously trading on additional strategies and fewer, until we understand its pros and cons.

It must be harder to maintain discipline and trading strategy. There is no gross errors, but additional strategy took profits on the basic strategy.
Gradually my trade back to normal and getting back to normal, then everything will be fine -)

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Results of last week 30.11 — 04.12

Week to close to zero. Because of non-compliance with its discipline. All the money earned on the lost fishing trend reversals in stocks and averaged them.

  • We must stop trading in shares of reversals
  • If you trade with the opening there is passion and focus is lost in the transactions and the proper evaluation, I want to quickly catch everywhere
  • It is necessary to bring a positive number of deals up to 40%, now it is 30%
  • Continue to trade selecting stocks with the greatest potential for success
  • We transfer to a stop without a loss in price delta 15 C if possible
  • If there is reason to cover a 50% position in the delta of the price of 50 cents
  • The size of the position remains the same
  • No averaging and increasing the position

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