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10 years trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living «off the market».

In this issue, we encourage readers to get acquainted with the trader, who has more years 10 trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living «off the market».He spoke about the pros intradeya, as well as its main trade rules that spectacular instructive.

 10 лет торгует внутри дня, совершая по несколько сделок в день, и при этом живет с рынка.

Sinedza Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. In 1999, Michael switched to trading, which from that time is the only source of income. In 2003, he started a blog on his website, TraderMike.net, offering daily commentary to the market and educational materials.



Free Stock Screener — MadScan

For a couple of hours I stopped working filter trade-ideas for the first couple of years, had to find a filter of shares under its criteria. In my chat room where sits a few hundred traders suggested the stock filter Madscan. There is a big plus that you can use it free of charge, for example as a spare. Almost all that I have been able to create it.
I will not write to write review on it and so it is understandable, linking with the charts like no. Does not have time to dig deeper into it, all you need to set up and forget it:)



Coupon Groupon service comes to the stock exchange

Скидочный сервис GrouponNumber of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified

Company Groupon, which owns the service of collective discounts applied for the IPO, during which intends to raise $ 750 million, reports Bloomberg.

Underwriter IPO will be Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

The company’s shares will be traded under the symbol «GRPN». Number of securities to be placed in the IPO, not specified.

Groupon Service was founded in 2008. With it, users can get discounts that can be activated only on the condition that they be interested in a minimum number of participants in the program. Currently, the global network covers 33 Groupon million users in 35 countries.

In December last year the Internet giant Google wanted to buy discount service for $ 6 billion. However, the proposal was rejected.
Having been refused, Google engaged in developing their own promotional code services — Google Offers. Its beta version was launched the day before.



Grail Tim Sykes

Disclaimer: cautious, go further speculations, guesses, speculations, personal views, and additional information, checked a little less than nothing. And yet …

About Tim Sykes wrote in the magazine, it was shown on television, he, under the pseudonym «The Start-up», filmed, even in well-known reality television show » Wall Street Warriors «, as himself — day trader * , the owner of the hedge fund , athlete, Komsomol, and just a smart guy that turned on the Stock Exchange its 12 thousand dollars from the savings on the Bar Mitzvah «in more than half a million.

Inspection of «Warriors of Wall Street, I wandered a bit on the sites of Tim, read his story on Wikipedia, thought for a moment … And I got the impression that the» holy grail » * Tim’s not so difficult to decipher.

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