Can you feel the market like a fish in water?

How free you feel in the process of trade? Complete the following psychological test to answer this question.

Rate how much you agree with the following statements.

Fully disagree 1 point
Disagree 2 points.
It is difficult to score 3.
Agree 4 points.
Totally agree 5 points.

1. I feel like during the fight, but I know that I have the experience to make a profit.
2. Once I opened my stance, I have no problems during the monitoring of transactions and acting decisively.
3. I do not care how other people relate to me.
4. When I trade I concentrate on what I’m doing.
5. While all traders feel that such an uncertainty, I know exactly what to do and when to do it.
6. I enjoy the process of bargaining, I like the anticipation of what they will end profit or loss.
7. I am sure that I have enough experience to make a profit on the basis of a series of transactions.
8. When it comes to trading, I am trying to achieve clearly defined objectives.
9. I am always confident in how well are my business in the trade.
10. I am not able to control the markets, but I am in full control of their reactions to market behavior.
11. It does not matter what others will say about the results of my trade.
12. I put clearly defined targets have been arrived before the opening position.
13. When I’m trading my attention is fully concentrated on what I’m doing.
14. When I trade, I feel fully in control of their actions.
15. When my position is open, it seems that time flies fast.
16. Regardless of whether I won or lost, I feel satisfaction from the process.
17. When I trade, I have to lose their normal sense of time.
18. In the process of closing, I just focus on getting this experience, which will help me in the future.
19. I know its long-term aspirations.
20. Even in adverse market conditions, I feel that I have the ability to respond to the challenges of the market.
21. I feel that I can control the process of their actions during the trade.
22. When I trade, I do not care what others think about me.
23. When I trade, I think that time has slowed his progress (or vice versa runs faster).
24. I enjoy the experience of trade.

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How many points you got? If you score 74 points or less, then you walk into a group of 25% of traders who have collected the same points or less. This means that you do not feel at ease during the trade. If you scored more than 100 points, then you are in that group of 25% of traders who feel themselves freely on the market.

You scored enough points? What can I advise you to make you feel at ease during a trade …

First, you can increase your sense of freedom, making sure that the challenges of the market, with whom you meet, match your experience. Do not exaggerate your skills, do not trade on risky transactions, or on those transactions where you do not have enough skills trade. Secondly, improve your trading skills to the point until you feel that you can open and monitor positions with relatively little mental effort. The more you bring up their trademark insight, the better you will feel at ease in the trading process. Third, put clear goals during trading. Develop a detailed trading plan and stick to it. Fourth, while the market is fully concentrate on their actions. Do not let the scattered attention. Concentration is a matter of practice and experience. If you find it difficult to concentrate fully on the market, please be patient. Eventually, when you gain enough experience, you can concentrate on getting immediate experience, rather than dwell on past mistakes or worry about whether you win or lose. Fifthly, enjoy the process of trade. Do not focus on the positive or negative outcome of the transaction, feel the pleasure derived from the experience.

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Successful traders feel at ease in the trading process, when it is accompanied by the right mood and consciousness, they bring home big profits. When you are trading in the right mental state, you usually win. Must do everything possible to feel free during the trade. Then you get a psychological or financial reward.
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