Avery Dennison Corporation (New York Stock Exchange)

Avery Dennison Corporation (Avery Dennison), incorporated in 1977, is engaged in the production of pressure-sensitive materials, office products and a variety of tickets, tags, labels and other converted products. The Company’s segments are Pressure-sensitive Materials, Retail Information Services and Office and Consumer Products. Pressure-sensitive materials are sold to label printers and converters that convert the materials into labels and other products through embossing, printing, stamping and die-cutting. Some are sold in converted form as printable media, tapes and reflective sheeting. It also manufactures and sells a variety of office products and other converted products and other items not involving pressure-sensitive components, such as binders, organizing systems, markers, fasteners, business forms, as well as tickets, tags, radio-frequency identification (RFID) inlays, and imprinting equipment for retail and apparel manufacturers. On April 1, 2008, it acquired DM Label Group (DM Label).

Avery Dennison has other specialty converting businesses comprising several businesses that produce specialty tapes and engineered labels, including RFID inlays and labels, and other converted products, in addition to the Company’s segments. As of December 27, 2008, Avery Dennison operated approximately 200 manufacturing and distribution facilities located in 60 countries, and employed approximately 36,000 persons worldwide.

Pressure-sensitive Materials Segment

The Pressure-sensitive Materials segment manufactures and sells Fasson-, JAC-, and Avery Dennison-brand pressure-sensitive materials, Avery-brand graphics and graphic films, Avery Dennison-brand reflective products, and performance polymers. Pressure-sensitive materials consist primarily of papers, plastic films, metal foils and fabrics, which are coated with Company-developed and purchased adhesives, and then laminated with specially coated backing papers and films. They are sold in roll or sheet form with either solid or patterned adhesive coatings, and are available in a range of face materials, sizes, thicknesses and adhesive properties. These materials are sold to label printers and converters for labeling, decorating, fastening, electronic data processing and special applications on a worldwide basis.

Graphic products consist of a variety of films and other products sold to the architectural, commercial sign, digital printing, and other related markets. The Company also sells cast and reflective films to the construction, automotive, and fleet transportation markets, scrim-reinforced vinyl material for banner sign applications, and reflective films for traffic and safety applications. The Company’s graphic and reflective businesses are organized on a worldwide basis to serve the commercial graphic arts market, including wide-format digital printing applications. It also manufactures and sells films that are used for outdoor, weather-resistant applications. Performance polymer products include a range of solvent- and emulsion-based acrylic polymer adhesives, protective coatings and other polymer additives for internal use, as well as for sale to other companies.

The Company competes with UPM-Kymmene, Bemis Company and 3M Company.

Retail Information Services Segment

The Retail Information Services segment designs, manufactures and sells a variety of price marking and brand identification products for retailers, apparel manufacturers, distributors and industrial customers on a worldwide basis. Avery Dennison’s brand identification products include woven and printed labels, graphic tags and barcode tags. Its information management products include price tickets, carton labels, RFID tags and printing applications for supply chain and security management. The Company’s solution enabling products include barcode printers, molded plastic fastening and application devices and security management products.

The Company competes with SML Group, Checkpoint and Shore To Shore, Inc.

Office and Consumer Products Segment

The Office and Consumer Products segment manufactures and sells a range of Avery-brand printable media and other products. This segment’s products are sold through office products superstores, mass market distributors, wholesalers and dealers. Avery Dennison manufactures and sells a range of Avery-brand products for office, school and home uses: printable media, such as copier, ink-jet and laser printer labels, related computer software, ink-jet and laser printer card and index products; and organization, filing and presentation products, such as binders, dividers and sheet protectors. The Company also offers a range of other stationery products, including writing instruments, markers, adhesives and specialty products under brand names, such as Avery, Marks-A-Lot and HI-LITER. The extent of product offerings varies by geographic market.

The Company competes with Acco Brands Corporation and Esselte Corporation.

Other specialty converting businesses

Other specialty converting businesses includes the Company’s specialty tape, industrial, performance films and automotive products, business media, RFID and security printing businesses. These businesses manufacture and sell specialty tapes, highly engineered films, RFID inlays, pressure-sensitive postage stamps and other converted products.

The specialty tape business manufactures and sells single- and double-coated tapes and adhesive transfer tapes for use in non-mechanical fastening, bonding and sealing systems in various industries, which are sold to industrial and medical original equipment manufacturers, converters, and disposable diaper producers worldwide. These products are sold in roll form and are available in a wide range of face materials, sizes, thicknesses and adhesive properties.

Avery Dennison’s industrial and automotive products businesses primarily consist of custom pressure-sensitive and heat-seal labels for the automotive and durable goods industries. These products are sold primarily to original equipment manufacturers. The Company’s performance films business produces a variety of decorative and functional films, primarily for the automotive industry, that are designed for injection mold applications. Its business media business designs and markets customized products for printing and information workflow applications.

Avery Dennison’s RFID business manufactures RFID inlays and labels and makes use of its existing distribution by marketing to its label converting customers. Its security printing business manufactures and sells self-adhesive battery labels to a battery manufacturer, and self-adhesive stamps to the United States Postal Service. In addition, Avery Dennison sells specialty print-receptive films to the industrial label market, metallic dispersion products to the packaging industry, and wood grain and other patterns of film laminates for housing exteriors and interior and exterior automotive applications.

The Company competes with is 3M Company.

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